the eternal child (pinkvelcro) wrote in liveplanet,
the eternal child

episode 2

was so frustrated with john gulager last night. speak up lest you get fired =/ he is so talented yet so inarticulate and couldn't explain his vision. they showed more clips of his shorts and i was again, blown away yet if he doesn't show leadership soon he might get booted off the show.

does anyone else read the blogs? wes craven bought "wild card," one of the project greenlight screenplay finalists. which is great because then the movie would be made by one of the finest directors and would probably have more budget.

i so wanted them so make "hanz gubenstein" instead... i'm sure it's funny. ben affleck loved it, maybe he should pitch it to kevin smith =P

what's up with john wanting four of his family members to be in the movie? i know he's the director but dimension films has a huge stake in the movie (i mean cmon dimension chose "feast"). everyone's getting frustrated with him.

if he stays as the director though i hope at least his dad gets to be in the cast since he was an old actor.

i thought it was funny when gulager said that he's been living with his gf for 20 years, seeing if they're compatible. haha. =P i love this show.

we should all watch "feast" to support PGL and hopefully have PGL 4.
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