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With those words, we start a new season of Project Greenlight and with a new home on BRAVO.We all must know the settle difference now, less swearing and more BEEPS. Now we jump back into the warzone of the movie making world, this time the guys at Greenlight want a success and ,in some eyes, they need one.
"if the movie doesn't make money this year, I really don't see anyone giving Project Greenlight any money to make a movie ever again."

Those are the word of Chris Moore and looking at the past most of us have to agree.
Project1-Stolen Summer $119,841
Project2-The Battle of Shaker Heights $279,282
That is a total of $399,123 give or take a few in Box Office numbers

They need some bang this time around

Well enough with the past, lets get right to it

The job interview of your dreams or nightmares

Its all how you look at it


We have the usual suspects back; Chris Moore, Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and the usual studio brass(this time Dimension).But this time, there is someone new to the mix. The master of horror Wes Craven.
I can go on and on now about the ep. but I think I will just hit some points.
-Was it me or was it crap that the studio was the only factor in the movie choice. Damon made a good point if Wes Craven thinks the horror movie script is bad, then you might not want to touch it with a ten foot pole.
-Pointless thing to throw in, to anyone that still reads this section. Thanks for still reading and can't wait to hear what you have to say this season.
-the funniest damn comment from the top 3 directors, the Kerri Strug/SFX monster example.

Anyways, the winners have been named. But I think the bubble for these guys are goign to burst soon.
John Gulager from his bio tape and PGL sample script tape alone, he is an awesome talent. But after the pitch with the panel, I think its not going to be the best pre production.
Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan they seem to have a great script(with a few flaws) and if Feast is done the right way it could bring the success that Moore was talking about earlier.
Together and with the right help, these guys could make the best horror movie in awhile.
There is though, from what the previews show, a chance one might not make it to the films final cut.

We have the best show on TV back and we'll see what happens in the next few weeks. What does everyone else think? What do you think about the runner's up? Anyone working on anything for the hopefully Greenlight 4?
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