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Season 2 DVD

Hey all. I just joined up, and in case anyone's still watching this community - the second season DVD is apparently out there already, though it's not officially released for eight days. I ended up at a mall yesterday for a little while (which is unusual in itself) and came across a copy while browsing a random store. Someone will probably get in trouble for selling it to me, but whatever, I did purchase it. Special features seem to be pretty good so far; there were a fair amount of deleted scenes from the TV series that were entertaining. Haven't watched anything on the movie disc yet except the gag reel, but the deleted scenes and the movie itself both seem to be attached to commentary from the directors and there are a few other features.

Anyway, just thought I'd let everyone know that it doesn't hurt to start checking if you happen to be at a store that sells DVDs. I almost browsed right past the set myself because I wasn't looking for it.
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